Remember the next Coe Hill revitalization meeting Thurs., April 16

The Coe Hill downtown revitalization process continues on, with more public sessions.

Here’s details from Chris FitzSimons, chair of the Coe Hill Downtown Revitalization Management Committee:

Wollaston Community Centre, Thursday April 16, 7:00pm Public Meeting In order to complete Stage II of this project (Collecting & Assessing), OMAFRA requires us to hold a public meeting to present a summary of the economic analysis of the Coe Hill area that Chris Drost has been completing over the past few months.

After Chris D. completes her Powerpoint Presentation, there will be a public discussion and time for public input. We will be serving refreshments. Interested members of the public will be invited to attend the next Action Planning meeting on May 4th.

Wollaston Community Centre, Monday May 4, 6:00pm Open Meeting In order to begin Stage III (Action Planning & Prioritizing) of The Coe Hill Downtown Revitalization Project, OMAFRA requires us to hold an Action Planning meeting that includes the Revitalization Management Committee, members of council, and interested members of the public.

This gives us an opportunity to formulate long-term goals and create a market position statement and a business development opportunities list, then draft a long-term action plan. Revitalization Coordinator Chris Drost will lead us through this process, which will lead us into the final stage of the project, which is “Implementation”. And yes, we will be serving refreshments!

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