Mystery Camp Fundraiser collects $1,349

Here’s some good news from volunteers planning the Mystery Camp this summer in Coe Hill:

Thanks to the generous commitment and contributions “The Mystery Camp Fundraiser” Raised $1349.00 WOW

It was an awesome day you will all agree, I had several people come up and say, “you did a great job,” “what enthusiasm”, “I wish I had your energy”….well I would like to clarify that the reason I was able to be energetic, enthusiastic, and did a great job was because I saw all your caring faces in the crowd and it made me realize these people are here to support this camp and they care about the childrens future…this is what fed my excitement and allowed me to proceed in a nerve wracking situation that I would normally be so nervous I wouldn’t be able to speak~!

Cheer and congratulate yourselves, as you all showed support in a very important individual way~!


Maryann Post

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