Bancroft OPP charge man with drinking in vehicle


(Bancroft, ON.)  In the early morning of Saturday the 13th of June 2009, Officers from the Bancroft detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police received the report of males drinking alcohol in a pickup truck that was southbound on Highway 28 in Faraday Township.

Officers later located the vehicle, a GMC pickup truck on Highway 28 in the Municipality of Highlands East.  Open alcohol was found in the vehicle and the driver registered over 50 milligrams of alcohol in his blood on a roadside screening device.

21 year old Kristopher HOECK of Whitby, Ontario was issued a 3 day drivers licence suspension for driving with 50 milligrams of alcohol or over, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act and driving motor vehicle with open container of liquor, contrary to the Liquor Licence Act.

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