Do you know where the $230,000 is? A good spot to start looking is Bank Robber’s Lane, off the South Road

COE HILL — Jackie’s Lane southwest of town has been renamed Bank Robber’s Lane.

Photo by Brent Goodwin

Photo by Brent Goodwin

Deputy Reeve Brent Goodwin says the new sign marks the Aug. 31, 1961 Toronto Dominion bank robbery in Havelock and the wild ride the gang took along the South Road while being chase by provincial police.

Many shots were exchanged with between robbers and police on the bridge over the Crowe River by the Gut, but the robbers were able to escape in their 1961 Buick.  They travelled a half mile on the South Road, but instead of following the winding South Road, they turned onto what’s know known as Bank Robber’s Lane.  It’s a dead-end road running east towards the Deer River and the Ridge Road.

The robbers abandoned their car on the rugged lane and a 96-hour manhunt ensued.  Police, assisted by many local residents, rounded up five suspects from Montreal.

Many searches were made in the area, but the $230,000 cash was never found.

Read more about the historial event by reading “The Bad Luck Bank Robbers” by Grace Barker.  It’s on the shelves of the Wollaston-Limerick library in Coe Hill or for sale at Ashlie’s Book Store in Bancroft.

5 comments for “Do you know where the $230,000 is? A good spot to start looking is Bank Robber’s Lane, off the South Road

  1. May 30, 2013 at 2:36 am

    We found the chest.! In the creek,marker visible,easy find,sorry folks.

    • May 30, 2017 at 9:05 am

      My name is pierre lalonde son of hermyle father died in jail when he was young to know my father.if somebody out there help me understand last day’s of my father before this history event in havelock.
      Yould appreciate any kind of information.
      Thank.from laval quebec.pierre lalonde

  2. nelboe
    August 19, 2018 at 9:30 pm

    I am a veteran Ontario Provincial Police member and I can tell you that the money is NOT still there.
    I know who engineered the episode and aided the robbers in setting it up. He was a well known man and knew the territory very well.
    I can tell you also that the money and associated securities were placed on one of those stolen “cream cans” – taken in the stolen aluminum boat and safely anchored upside down in Round Lake.
    It was recovered quite some time later either by the assisting person OR the robber(s) when they were released. That I do not know the details.
    I personally know all the members who were involved in the investigation – I worked with most of them.
    It is a very interesting tale and well worth reading as it was researched well and written well.

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