Wind-damaged sign fixed at Coe Hill’s thrift store

Connie and Jack Ingram were busy Mon., May 23, 2011 fixing the sign at the Coe Hill Community Thrift Shop. It blew down in a storm a couple of weeks ago. Photo © Kevin Swayze

COE HILL – It didn’t take much time to fix the sign in front of the Coe Hill Community Thift Shop on Victoria Day 2011.

Connie Ingram, program co-ordinator at Community Care North Hastings, and her husband Jack put the sign up about 10 a.m. on May 23, 2011.  All it took was a little bit of persuasion with a hammer and a few nails, to get the sign back in place.

More sprucing up is expected in front of the former one-room school at  2149 Wollaston Township Road 62o.  A donation of surplus vinyl siding is promised, to cover the donation box outside the front door of the store, Connie said.

The store has used household goods, clothing and some furniture.  Call the store for information: 613-337-5274.


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