Coe Hill Fair

The midway is popular at the annual Coe Hill fair, on the last weekend of August. Photo © Kevin Swayze

It’s Coe Hill’s annual candy-coated, deep fried, stomach churning celebration to mark the end of summer.

The Coe Hill Agricultural Fair takes place on the last Friday and Saturday of August, at the fairgrounds along old Highway 620 in the heart of the village at 5681 Wollaston Township Road 620.

Fair founded in 1882

The Coe Hill Fair was founded in 1882.

The Canadian National railway station building in Coe Hill was saved and moved to the Coe Hill fairgrounds in 1969. Photo © Kevin Swayze

The first fair was held in Salem, about two miles north of Coe Hill.

The second fair was held in Coe Hill, with exhibits at the township hall. Horses raced from the hall to the cenotaph and back on the main street.

In the early 1900’s the fair moved to its present location, at the fairgrounds.  A grandstand was built prior to 1920. It was partly for the fair and partly to seat fans for the champion Coe Hill baseball team.

Before cars were commonplace, a special train came to Coe Hill for the fair from Trenton.

Many barns and buildings have been added to the grounds over the years.  In 1969, the Coe Hill Canadian National railway station building was moved to the fair grounds and set up to house some of the displays.

 Pay your annual $6 membership and get a fall fair book with all the information to enter your handiwork for prizes.

Contact information:

613-473-4724 (day)   613-473-5596 (evening)





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