Ontario plans Highway 407 extension from Pickering to Highway 115 by 2013

Great news for travellers to Coe Hill from Toronto and points west in southern Ontario… if you don’t mind driving the Highway 407 toll highway through the big smoke.

Queen’s Park has announced its moving ahead with extension from Brock Road in Pickering to Highway 115.

I wonder if the tolls will be lower than the prices charged by the private company that operates the 407 across Toronto… ouch!

There’s a public information session, to explain the expansion plans, planned in Peterborough Feb. 2. That’s the closest one to Coe Hill.

Here’s the government press release:

McGuinty Government Creating Jobs: Highway Tolls To Help Maintain Roadway

TORONTO, Jan. 27 /CNW/ –


The proposed extension of Highway 407 east from Pickering (Brock Road) to Clarington (Highway 35/115) will be a tolled highway with the province retaining control and ownership of the extension.

The province will be responsible for regulating tolls on the highway and meeting customer service needs. Revenues generated from the highway will go towards the construction costs and maintenance of the road, freeing up provincial funds for transit infrastructure projects.

An environmental assessment study is currently underway and the preliminary design has been identified for the highway extension. Public consultation on the project is ongoing.

The environmental assessment study will be submitted to the Minister of the Environment for approval this summer.

A Request for Proposals for the highway extension will be issued later this year. The proposed highway extension would generate 24,000 construction jobs. Construction of the roadway will begin once the environmental approvals are in place, with service beginning by 2013


– Planning studies in the 1950s and 1960s first identified the need for an east-west transportation corridor running north of Toronto to connect 401 in Milton with Highway 35/115 in Clarington.

– The highway that is now 407ETR (http://www.407etr.com/) was built in the 1990s as the central section of that corridor and was sold to the private sector in 1999.

– The proposed highway right-of-way would contain space for a future transitway.

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