Welcome to Coe Hill (Road), U.S.A.

Google News alerts are a blast.  Punch in a couple of words you want to search for, and your in box fills up with e-mails pointing you to matching words on web sites around the world.

Today, “Coe Hill” popped up related to a weird bird story in newspaper from Laconia, New Hampsire U.S.A.  As in “Coe Hill Road”  in the small town of Center Harbor.

Here’s the clipping…


Monty Python fans probably recall the skit of the exploding penguin. “The penguin on your television set is about to explode,” the announcer says with perfect BBC diction, while two ditzy women are glued to the screen. Sure enough, seconds later the stuffed bird blows apart.

This hilarious sketch came to mind this week as bird-watchers, photographers and all manner of the curious flocked (no pun intended) to Coe Hill Road in Center Harbor to catch glimpse and snap a photo of a Northern Hawk Owl. 

Ornithologists said the bird is a rather rare sight in these parts.

The bird seemed to take all the attention in stride, staring back at the ogling spectators. But you couldn’t help but wonder what the bird was thinking. 

Perhaps, “Get lost,” or, “I want to be alone.”

The owl didn’t explode, but if it had kicked up some kind of fuss, wouldn’t it have been a scream?

Anybody know if there’s a people connection between Coe Hill and  Center Harbour, NH?

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