Heavy rainfall warning issued for Coe Hill area Feb. 11

Spring-like weather will arrive in force today, with about an inch of rain, Environment Canada says in a weather warning issued this morning:.


Bancroft – Hastings Highlands – Denbigh 4:33 AM EST Wednesday 11 February 2009

Rainfall warning for Bancroft – Hastings Highlands – Denbigh issued 25 millimetres of rain today into Thursday.

A low pressure system developing over Kansas this morning will deepen and track to Lake Huron tonight then eastward to Montréal by Thursday morning.

Rain in advance of the low will reach southwestern Ontario this morning and spread to south central Ontario and ski country this afternoon.

Rain will finally reach the Ottawa Valley this evening. The rain will persist for approximately 24 hours in any one location and rainfall amounts of 25 millimetres are expected..

Meeting the rainfall warning threshold when the ground is frozen and any remaining snowpack is saturated. Slightly higher rainfall amounts over the southwest are possible in the event a thunderstorm develops with this system.

The rain will end over southwestern Ontario Thursday morning..Over ski country Thursday afternoon..And over the Ottawa Valley Thursday evening.

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