Warriors Day weekend 2009 ready to rumble in Coe Hill

This tank was part of the 2007 Warriors Day event in Coe Hill.

This tank was part of the 2007 Warriors Day event in Coe Hill.

COE HILL — The weather looks perfect for the annual Warriors Day weekend in Coe Hill.

A few vehicles were already starting to arrive early Friday afternoon, for the Labour Day Weekend event at the Coe Hill Fairgrounds on old Hwy 620 in the village.

Sunday’s event is billed as the largest Second World War military vehicle parade in Ontario.

Here’s what’s planned:

Sat., Sept. 5

1o a.m. – camp set up

11 a.m. – grounds open to public, with displays and demonstrations; Legion canteen opens

2 p.m. – Military vehicle trail ride

5 p.m. – barbecue at the fair grounds

7 p.m. – social evening and renewing of friendships

Sun., Sept. 6

1 a.m. – Legion canteen closes

7 a.m. – breakfast at the Legion ($5 – open to all)

9 a.m. – grounds open to the public

noon – lunch

1:30 p.m. – Military field church parade

3 p.m. – parade marches off

3:30 p.m. – Memorial cenotaph service parade at Legion

5 p.m. – special Legion dinner ($12 – open to all), 50/50 ticket draw, Legion canteen opens

11 p.m. – Legion canteen closes

Mon., Sept. 7

7 a.m. – breakfast at legion ($5 – open to all)

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