Wollaston Township council — Agenda for Sept. 14, 2009 meeting

Proposed agenda:

Township of Wollaston Council Meeting September 14th, 2009

wollaston-logo-web1. Call to order

1. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest

1. Adopt Minutes

1. Business arising from the minutes

1. Adopt Agenda

1. Delegations: 7 p.m. Fred Smith

7.30 p.m. Dave Burke

1. Items to be read and motions.

1. CAO report to Council

2. Approval of building site for garage for 2262 Hwy 620.

3. PSAB requirements – possible assistance from Municipal Treasury Services

4. Holiday pay for Utility worker.

5. Municipal World Magazine – renewal

6. Community Schools Alliance Resolution

7. Discussion about rearrangement of office furniture and the possibility of additional space at the Township Municipal Office.

8. Items to be read and motions if necessary

1. CUPE Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day

2. Land Use Council – endangered species.

3. Leona Dombrowsky – Residents invited to share affordable housing


* AMCTO express

* Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing – 2009 MPMP

* Globe & Mail – Questionable contracts at Ontario agency

* Letter to resident regarding grass cutting on their property.

* Letter to Fair Board regarding Demolition Derby vehicles dragged through town.

* Andrew Redden – Investment Marketing Strategy 2010-2012

* AMO – Funding for Broadband in Rural and Northern Ontario Available

* LAS – no cost information town hall sessions

* Bruce Banting – Implications for Municipalities from new Ontario Municipal Caselaw

* Source Protection Plan Discussion paper

* Town of Amherstburg – MPAC evaluation of Solar energy development

* South East LHIN report – copy available if needed

* Hicks Morley – Employment & Labour Law seminar

9. Correspondence

1. Umbrella newspaper

2. Hydro One – Round up program

3. Agri food Innovation Excellence Report

4. Waterline – newsletter

5. Frontline Security magazine

6. Undergrounder magazine

7. Health newsletter

8. OHA – Fraud & Misconduct – Safeguarding the Public Service Sector

9. Hastings County Social Service News

10. Worker’s voice magazine

* Committee Reports

* North Hastings Economic Development Minutes July 6, 2009

* Recreation Committee June 22, 2009

* Accounts

* Resolution to move to in camera session if necessary

* Notice of Motions

* New Business – non agenda items or committee items which because of urgency cannot be deferred to a subsequent meeting identified to be considered later in this meeting in camera or in open session.

* By – Laws – revised procedural by-law

Build Canada agreement

Infrastructure Stimulus Fund

* Confirmation by-law

* Questions from the floor and quests present

* Adjournment

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