Police want you to lock up you car during crime prevention week


PETERBOROUGH COUNTY – November 1 to November 7, 2009 is Crime Prevention Week. The Public is requested to take part by following these simple prevention tips for their vehicles.

  • Always roll up your vehicle’s windows, lock the doors and pocket the keys
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended while its running
  • Never leave valuable belongings or packages in plain view – secure them in the trunk, cover with a blanket and lock your vehicle.
  • Never leave your keys in plain view or in an easily accessible area.

Since the end of August, in Peterborough City and County, there have been numerous incidents involving the theft of laptop computers, GPS’, Ipods, Mp3 players, clothing and money from unlocked vehicles parked in the owner’s driveway.

Don’t allow yourself to become a Victim. Remember, LOCK IT OR LOSE IT!

— Peterborough County OPP press release

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