Coe Hill gets 343 as a new telephone area code next year, after all 613 numbers used up in eastern Ontario

OTTAWA — Starting May 17, 2010, a new area code – 343 – will be introduced in the geographical territory now served by the 613 code.

This measure is the result of a ruling by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and is intended to meet the continuously growing demand for new telephone numbers.

“The introduction of a new area code in a region enables millions of additional telephone numbers to be provided without affecting the existing numbers,” said Glenn Pilley, Director of the Canadian Numbering Administration. “It is part of today’s reality throughout North America. This measure demonstrates the flexibility and growth potential of the Canadian telecommunications network.”

The addition of the 343 code responds to high demand for new telephone numbers resulting from the growing popularity of communication tools such as wireless services, the Internet and IP telephony among consumers and businesses alike.

The 343 code will come into use gradually after May 2010, throughout the entire area served by the 613 code. Until then, numbers with 613 will continue to be issued until they run out.

The 613 area code now covers a broad territory in eastern Ontario, including Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, Cornwall and Bancroft.

A new 579 area code will be also be introduced in August 2010 in the geographical territory now served by the 450 code in the area surrounding Montréal.

Elsewhere in Canada, other new area codes have been introduced recently – the 438 code in Montréal in November 2006, 581 in the portion of Québec served by the 418 code in June 2008, and 587 in Alberta in September 2008.

The Telecommunications Alliance was formed to create awareness about the introduction of new area codes. The Alliance comprises Bell, Vidéotron, Rogers, TELUS and all telecommunications service providers in the 450 and 613 territories. For more information about new area codes in Canada, please consult the website at:

— Canada News Wire press release

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