Warm weather and rain will make ice dangerous: OPP

Environment Canada weather forecast for Coe Hill calls from above freezing temperatures and rain Sunday and Monday:

Highway Safety Division  (Snowmobile, All Terrain Vehicle & Vessel Enforcement Team)


The O.P.P. S.A.V.E. Team would like to remind everyone that even though there is ice on area lakes and rivers and it may look good…BEWARE !

Ice on rivers and lakes may become extremely dangerous with warm weather and rain conditions that are expected this weekend.


Ice Fishing, walking, and cross country skiing, all require at least 4” of New Clear Hard Ice.(for one person)

One snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle, both require, at least 5” of New Clear Hard Ice.(for one person)

One vehicle, car or small pick-up, all require, at least 8” to 12” of New Clear Hard Ice.

One vehicle, medium truck, requires, at least 12” to 15” of New Clear Hard Ice.

Always, check the ice in several places before traveling onto it. Wear a floatation suit, and carry ice picks. If you go onto the ice, expect the unexpected. Be prepared to get wet and cold and be prepared to rescue yourself. Don’t endanger anyone else. If you’re travelling in a group, keep good spacing so that if one person goes into the water the others don’t.

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