OPP issue warning not to trespass; snowmobilers and ATVers must ask permission from property owners


Members of the Central Hastings detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police would like to remind the public that trespassing is an offence under the Trespass to Property Act of Ontario. Charges of enter premises when entry prohibited, engage in prohibited activity on premises, or fail to leave premises when directed, may result in fines of $55 plus a surcharge.

A fence or sign is not always required by the land owner. Property may be posted with a No Trespassing sign; the sign may name the prohibited activity, or show a graphic representation. A red circle marking (greater than ten centimetres in diameter) is sufficient for the purpose of giving notice that entry on the premises is prohibited.

When an offence under the Trespass to Property Act is committed using a snowmobile or an ATV, the driver of the vehicle is liable to the fine, or the owner is liable to the fine if they have permitted someone else to operate their vehicle.

When travelling on private property, all drivers of snowmobiles and off road vehicles must stop and provide their name and address when requested by the owner or occupier of that land.

— Centre Hastings OPP press release

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