Elk lawsuit threatened by farmers in North Hastings

Farmer’s aren’t happy with Alberta elk imported to boost local tourism, www.betterfarming.com reports:

A North Hastings area farm group is angry that the Ministry of Natural Resources is not working fast enough to implement a controlled hunt to get rid of elk they say are costing thousands of dollars in crop damage.

Elson Ruddy is a spokesperson for the 40-member North Hastings Farmers and Landowners Association, a group he describes as: “a bunch of farmers who are angry,” about the fact that elk are destroying crops such as timothy, alfalfa and horse hay.

They are also unhappy with an elk protection group they say is feeding the animals weed seed and causing a problem with weeds in farmers’ fields.

The association had considered a lawsuit for damages against the ministry. They paid $10,000 for legal opinion. Hastings County Federation of Agriculture, contributed $4,000. The legal challenge is on hold . . .

Click here to view the full story from betterfarming.com.

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