Federal-provincial-local infrastructure projects cost $128 M across Hastings County – or $116,809 for each job created

Work underway in September 2009 on the $276,000 rebuilding of Ridge Road near Coe Hill. Greenwood Construction of Pembroke has the contract for the jog. The project is a federal-provincial-township economic stimulus project, with costs shared equally.

COE HILL — Federal, provincial and local governments are spending $128,490,735 on 64 infrastructure projects across Hastings County in 2009 and 2010.

The Ontario government estimates the work will create about 1,100 jobs.

Let’s see, after a little quick math . . .  that’s $116,809 for each job created, all costs in.

You can check my division by clicking here for the full list of economic stimulus projects on an Ontario government web site.

Sure, there’s lots of construction underway to rebuild roads and arenas and such, but that’s a lot of borrowed money. Here’s hoping we can pay off the loans before everything needs repairs again.

Most projects are funded in a three-way cost-sharing, with equal local, provincial and federal contributions.  Some are funded only by Queen’s Park and Ottawa.

Here’s Wollaston Township’s share of the building boom:

$237,400 – Upgrading of Coe Hill Recreation Pavillion

$108,000 – Upgrading of Facilities at Wollaston Public Beach Park

$276,000 – Rehabilitation of Ridge Road  (done)

$1,956,755 – Rehabilitation of Former King’s Highway 620 (west from Coe Hill)

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