Ontario snowmobile federation surveying snowmobilers

Snowmobile trails are closed with the early spring, but the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs doesn’t want to forget the season past just yet.

The organization is asking snowmobilers to take an online “preference and opinion survey.”

Click here to see the survey.

Results will ” help guide the development of snowmobiling in your area and across the province,” the survey front page says.  Complete the survey by May 1 and your name goes into a draw for prizes.

Here’s information from the snowmobile federation about the impact of the sport in Ontario:

2008/09 ONTARIO SNOWMOBILING BY THE NUMBERS (revised September 8, 2009)


39,742 – Total audited kilometres of OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trails.

17,899 – Kilometres of TOP (Trans Ontario Provincial) Trails (part of 39,742).

25,700 – Approx. kilometres of OFSC trails on private land.

14,042 – Approx. kilometres of OFSC trails on public land.

12,464 – Number of landowners with OFSC trails on their property.

$2,000 – Cost per kilometre to build a new trail.

+$426 million – Dollars invested by clubs in OFSC snowmobile trails since 1985.

$1.2 billion – Annual economic activity generated by OFSC snowmobile trails.

+$112 million – Annual provincial tax revenue from spending by snowmobilers.


$496 – Annual dollar per kilometre cost to operate OFSC trails.

339 – Number of pieces of large grooming equipment owned by OFSC clubs or associations.

$22 million – Value of OFSC grooming fleet.

102,394 – Number of grooming hours logged by clubs/associations last winter.

1.2 million – Litres of fuel used by club/association groomers last winter.


$250 – Regular price of a 2010 Full Season Trail Permit.

$200 – Price of a 2010 Full Season Trail Permit if purchased before Dec. 1, 2009.

93,735 – Combined total of full season and visitor trail permits sold in 2008/09.

168,000 – Number of OFSC family snowmobilers.

168,000– Best guesstimate of the number of active snowmobiles in Ontario.

60% – Percentage estimate of active sleds with OFSC trail permits in 2009.

150 million – Number of kilometres snowmobilers ride on OFSC trails in a normal winter.

75% – Of snowmobilers are married.

61% – Of snowmobilers are aged 25 – 49.

44 – Average age of snowmobilers.

$72,000 – Average household income of snowmobilers.

38% – Of snowmobilers have household income of $75,000+.

88% – Of snowmobilers own a home.

35% – Of snowmobilers own a cottage.

72% – Of snowmobilers own 3+ vehicles.

25% – Of snowmobilers are MOPEs (Managers, Owners, Professionals and Executives).

64% – Of snowmobilers live in Southern Ontario.

40% – Of snowmobilers are 50 or older.

$4,000 – Average amount spent by each snowmobiler every year on snowmobile-related recreation,

tourism and products.


$17.2 million – Total revenues raised from trail permit sales last season.

$22.5 million – Estimate of total OFSC and club expenses last season.

$90,418 – Amount dedicated to OFSC Environment Fund at $1 per 08/09 Full Season Trail Permit.

$8.8 million – Amount of OFSC’s 2008/09 annual operations budget.

$2.4 million – Portion of annual 2008/09 operations budget dedicated to the Trail Fund.

231 – Number of snowmobile clubs belonging to the OFSC during this season.

+750,000 – Total hours served by club volunteers operating the system.

42 – Years the OFSC has been the voice of organized snowmobiling in Ontario.

205,000 – Number of students graduated by OFSC Driver Training since 1976.

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