Bear stalks OPP officers near Buckhorn, who eventually kill it

Peterborough County OPP press release

GALWAY-CAVENDISH-HARVEY Twp. – On Wednesday April 28, 2010 at approximately 10:28 P.M. police responded to a Kennedy Road address in regard to a marauding bear.

The animal, which had been in the area the previous night, was acting aggressively and had damaged the victim’s property and the property of his neighbour. The victim told police that he feared for his safety.

As the officer checked the area, the bear charged toward him, coming to a halt within a car length of him, it then turned and walked away. As the officer began to return to his cruiser near the complainant’s home, the animal began stalking him and charged at him again. Several attempts were made by the officer to return to his cruiser and the bear continued to act in an aggressive and dangerous manner.

Ministry of Natural Resources were contacted but were not available to assist.

Due to the danger posed by the animal to the persons living in the area, a second officer attended the Kennedy Road address and the animal was subsequently put down.

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