OPP want you to watch for marijuana in the woods

From Peterborough County OPP


Spring has arrived in Ontario and so has another season for outdoor marijuana grow operations. During the months of May and June every year, persons involved in growing marijuana travel to the rural areas in search of property where they can plant this illicit crop. Marijuana growers look for the following areas:

1. Swamps

2. Corn Fields

3. Wooded areas

4. Along Rivers

5. Rural rental properties with large acreage

Once an area is located, growers will bring to the area large bags of fertilizer, shovels, chemicals, pails and of course the marijuana plants. The marijuana plants are planted and maintained by the grower over the next five months while they mature.

Due to the heartiness of the marijuana plant, they only have to be tended to approximately once every two weeks.

In late September or early October the marijuana grower returns to harvest their plants, leaving the root of the plant behind.

Marijuana plants are bright green in colour, the leaves have seven jagged fingers grow between three and five feet in height and give off an odour similar to that of a skunk.

Common Indicators of Outdoor Marijuana Grows:

1. Abandoned vehicles parked on side roads or trails

2. People observed walking in remote areas for no apparent reason

3. Bags of fertilizer, planting trays or chemicals located in remote areas

4. Well trampled trails in wooded or swamp areas

5. Cleared out areas in swamps, wooded area or corn fields

6. Numerous signs appear out of nowhere indicating “No Trespassing.”

What to do if you discover an outdoor marijuana operation:

1. Call police or Crimestoppers if you suspect or locate a marijuana grow operation

2. Do not touch the marijuana plants due to possible chemicals on the plants

3. If confronted by a marijuana grower, just leave the area, record any licence plates and call police.

4. Do not approach an outdoor grow due to the low percentage of grows being booby trapped or guarded

Notify your local OPP Detachment at 1-888-310-1122 or

Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (1-800-222-8477) if you observe any of this suspicious activity.

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