Artisan’s Alley starts this weekend in Bancroft

Submitted by Barb Shaw

BANCROFT – The Building Bancroft Project is looking for visual artists, artisans, performing artists, buskers and vendors to participate in a new summer initiative called Artisan’s Alley.

In keeping with the County’s Premier Ranked initiative that suggests communities animate public space, the Building Bancroft team is assisting the cultural community with the development of a market place around the former IGA building that will highlight our arts community and provide a showcase opportunity for the natural talents of our residents.

Tables and umbrellas await artists and visitors around the former Bancroft IGA, now home to the Saturday Artist's Alley. Photo: Barb Shaw

The market will be operating Saturdays through the summer months starting June 12th and space is available to rent for $10 per Saturday.

If you are an artist, a craftsperson, local food producer, or a mobile performer with an interest in this new Bancroft market initiative please contact Hazel Lambe at the Building Bancroft Project Office at 613.332.4001 or send us an email. The market launches on June 12th and applications can be submitted to Hazel Lambe immediately.

Preparations for the Artisan’s Alley include the creation of a mural along the back of the former IGA Building. The 120 x 15 foot wall will be transformed into an art piece designed and painted by local artists.

This mural will become the backdrop of market stalls on Saturdays but provide a destination as well during the week complete with picnic benches and umbrellas to provide shade in the summer heat.

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