Coe Hill fundraising auction Saturday outside or inside?

COE HILL – A  barbecue is planned Sat., June 19 to raise money for local recreation and outreach programs.

Viewing of items in is planned at the Coe Hill pavilion outside,  starting at 9:30 a.m., followed by the auction by Wally James.  If the weather is poor, the auction will move inside the Wollaston Community Centre at the public school. Look for signs posted to tell you what to do.

Money raised will be used for summer programs around Coe Hill.  If  a $68,000 provincial recreation grant applied for earlier this year is not approved — word is expected in early July —  money raised will go to the Coe Hill Mystery Camp for children, says organizer Maryann Post

Annette and Al Vandenriessche are bringing a machine to the event that does a “Health Analysis” and they are donating half of the monies raised for the cause, she said.

A barbecue will be in action, too, cooking hotdogs and hamburgers for sale.

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