Impaired charges in Coe Hill, Faraday and on Baptiste Lake

COE HILL – A Caledonia man was charged with impaired driving Sun., Aug. 1, 2010 on Beach Lane in Wollaston Township.

Bancroft provincial police on patrol stopped a Ford pickup truck and administered a roadside blood-alcohol test to the driver.  The 27 year old driver failed the test and was charged, Bancroft OPP reports.

Thurs, July 29, 2010, Bancroft officers were sent to a report of an unwanted person on Lower Faraday Road in the Township of Faraday.

Officers observed the unwanted person operating a Dodge pickup truck on Lower Faraday Road and stopped it on Highway 28.   The female driver, 32, from Brudenell/Lyndoch/Raglan Township, was arrested for impaired driving.

Saturday evening, July 31,  officers were sent to a noise complaint on Baptiste Lake in Hastings Highlands. They arrested a Hastings Highland man, 56, on charges of impaired operation of a boat.

During the 2010 Civic Holiday holiday weekend —  Fri., July 30 to Sun. Aug. 1, 2010 — Bancroft OPP officers were busy:

– three hours of R.I.D.E. (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) checkpoints, where 813 vehicles were stopped n highways in the Bancroft OPP detachment area.

– marine officers also conducted 24 hours of marine patrol on lakes in the area.

– Charges laid included 15 for speeding charges,  one for stunt driving , two for seatbelts, five other moving violation charges, seven liquor licence , four  compulsory automobile insurance act , four impaired/over 80 charges, 10 marine charges and one under the Off Road Vehicle Act.

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