Looking back on Coe Hill Mystery Camp adventures 2010

Here’s a selection of photos and  reflections on of the second Coe Hill Mystery Camp, held July 26 to July 30, submitted by Maryann Post, Camp Coordinator.

“Mystery Camp Year 2” entertained 40 children ranging from ages 4-15. A variety of challenging activities were offered to keep campers entertained.

Children especially enjoyed the challenge of going out amongst the community to participate in the game Bigger and Better. Objective of Bigger and Better game was for all groups to head into the community with a paper clip, go to selected houses to negotiate work as a team to convince neighbors that they should trade with them something Bigger and Better. At the end of this game each group came back with some interesting stories and items such as a wooden sign, a water gun, a box full of suckers, and one group came back with the original paper clip they started off with.

A scavenger hunt was held in the Earle’s pit which was really exciting for both children and volunteers. When we left it started to drizzle, but before we got back the rain poured down, everyone looked like drowned rats by the time the search was over, all in all they enjoyed every minute of it.

Bonnie and April provided a beading craft to campers then met them at the Pavilion to introduce the brand new Ball Hockey equipment that was purchased by Wollaston Township through a Trillium Grant. Constable Susanne Cox attended the camp to teach the children about Bike Safety. Before leaving Constable Cox caringly checked and adjusted each camper’s helmet to ensure they fit snugly to prevent head injury then handed out activity books and coupons for free slushies.

Barbara Shaw provided the campers with an exciting session of Yoga. Barb taught the campers the poses of warrior, archery, and also the candle pose. After Barb left the children continued to “strike a pose!”

Janet and Aimee invited all 40 children to their house to paint a mural on their garage, Janet and Aimee worked hard to ensure that all the paint was mixed and ready to go for the children’s arrival. Janet and Aimee treated them to refreshments and treats to go along with their BBQ’d lunch. So be sure to look for the blue garage on Main Street that says “It takes a community to raise a child” on your travels. The application was applied and donated to the “Mystery Camp” by Art Bunnett.

Throughout the week MaryAnn Conlin, Wollaston’s Community Ambassador, proved to be a gem of an employee by jumping in at any given moment to give a hand. MaryAnn is going to Korea after her contract with the Township ends to teach children English. The volunteers, children, and I will never forget the interesting dance that MaryAnn taught us all, named “The Wild West Dance.” While travelling to the stream to watch their frog’s race a walk through the Fair Grounds gave the campers a sneak peak at the “Wild West Event” campers stopped to show the WWW volunteers their new learned skill. Winner of the frog race was “Mr Frog.”

The last day of camp was smashing — egg smashing that is. Campers carefully made cages for their eggs, and to test their wrapping skills campers threw them off the monument at the Park to see if they survived! The Shin’s of Coe Hill FoodMart donated the eggs. The end of camp always brings treats and treasures, this year Ken and Phyllis Mackay, and Connie Ingram donated prizes so that every child would leave with a treat.

The Wollaston/Limerick public Library donated stickers, and booklets for campers to keep busy after camp ended. I would also like to mention the many caring people and organizations that donated money and or items and also those that participated in the Bigger and Better community game. Big thanks to Carla, Erin and Tori Wilkins, Phyllis Mackay, Beth Machek, Rosa Shin, Sheila Lueschner, Ederlaine Nicholson, and Becky Smith for taking time out of their busy schedule to help with “everything.”

I fondly believe that “It takes a community to raise a child.”

Respectfully yours,

Maryann Post, Camp Coordinator

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