Maryann Post running for council in Wollaston Township

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Maryann Post Candidate for Councillor

Well, as the clock ticks, quicker comes October 25 th… the day of Wollaston’s Municipal Election! Wollaston is decorated with signs portraying the names of those running for a variety of positions.

Have you seen the election signs decorated with stars? Noticing the name Maryann Post for Councillor? The stars displayed represent “zest,” symbolic to my continual devotion in all my endeavors’ with Wollaston Township. Words declaring, “Your Community…Your Choice,” a gentle reminder to Wollaston Voters that…it is your vote that determines the four year journey of Wollaston Township.

Some say they will vote for me because, I am out there, always doing things for our community.

Thanks, this is true…it’s been my passion for years to get activities going for all ages. I believe that, “Wollaston Is the Heart of North Hastings.”

Also giving credit to our current council, municipal office staff, and especially community volunteers that have been patient, courteous, and instrumental in ensuring this could happen!

It takes a team effort to ensure positive outcomes are sustained and when voted in, this is how I will continue to function.

Election time invites conversations of doubt and accusations! Could I suggest that before making your final decision toward your votes, investigate your options. Take this opportunity to review candidates previous and current actions, question their motive in obtaining a seat, look at their capabilities toward working together effectively and efficiently for Wollaston Township.

If you have any questions or concerns…I can be contacted at 613-337-5573 or send me an e-mail at

Respectfully Yours,

Maryann Post

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