John Travis running for Wollaston Township council Oct. 25

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Here’s a submission from John Travis, who’s one of four people running for three councillor positions on Wollaston Township council:

Please come out and vote! Wollaston’s Municipal Elections on October 25th!

John Travis

At present there are 4 people running for the position of Councillor:They are Maryanne Post, Rebecca Smith, Brent Goodwin and myself John Travis.

We are worthy candidates for the position and all have our own ideas on how to proceed in the running of Wollaston Township affairs for you.

I an an honest, accountable, dependable harworking person. I enjoy Coe Hill where I work and conduct my business. I feel Coe Hill is a great place to raise families or retire. Coe Hill in my eye is also a place to have fun.

If elected, I am looking forward to provide sound financial management to our Township and provide support to the library, cultural groups and community functions in Wollaston.

The old cliché’ “The door is always open” hopefully works for you. I like to keep communications flowing. And my door is always open to listen to you.

Please vote for me – John Travis- on October 25th. I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your time.

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