Wollaston special meeting Tuesday about rink roof project

A new roof for the outdoor skating rink in Coe Hill is planned in 2010. Kevin Swayze photo.

COE HILL – Wollaston Township council meets in a special session at 2 p.m. Oct. 26, 2010, to discuss changes to the roof planned over the Coe Hill ice rink.

Township clerk Christine FitzSimons said: “council will be discussing a footings re-design proposal and associated costs with our Engineer of Record, Jewell Engineering.”

A notice about the meeting is posted on the township website.

Work on the cover for the outdoor rink started earlier this month. the plan is to cover it with a tough, tent-like material. Last year, $233,000 was spent on the rink, including new lighting and a concrete pad to make ice on.

TaskForce Engineering from Belleville has the successful bidder  this year on work to install footings and the structure , at a cost of $274,000.

The total budget for project is $300,000, with federal and provincial infrastructure funding grants covering $158,266. The rest of the money will be borrowed by the township.

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