New signs up, community meeting place planned in Coe Hill


New Coe Hill street signs were installed in October 2010, as part of revitalization efforts.

COE HILL – Revitalization efforts continue in Coe Hill, with new signs installed through the village over the past few weeks and a community gathering place planned in front of the post office.

Selection of a contractor is underway for the post office project, says county revitalization coordinator Christine Drost. That project is planned for  spring 2011.

The Red Hat ladies will again make the beautiful Christmas baskets to dress up the community for the holiday season, Drost said.

The Coe Hill Recreation committee will be part of the Think Snow on Family Day Weekend in February. The event started in 2009 through work of the revitalization project in Coe Hill, Maynooth and Bancroft, along with other community groups.

“There has been great feedback from both full-time and seasonal residents for the efforts of the revitalization committee, Drost said. ” As a person who works in both Bancroft and Maynooth, I can honestly say that the talk in North Hastings is that Coe Hill is looking fantastic.”

A community survey encourages entrepreneurs to think about opening a satellite pharmacy in Coe Hill and a seasonal equipment rental business.  Look for more information at

Work on a  community improvement plan for Coe Hill is set for January, she said.   The revitalization committee will  recommendationsfor Wollaston Council for approval.  The committee’s next meeting is set for Jan. 4, 2011 in the Wollaston Township hall.

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