Forbes family saw house burn; Aspley, Coe Hill friends help

An open letter of thanks to the residents of Apsley and Coe Hill

On the 16th of December 2010 we had the misfortune to experience that which so many of us dread, a house fire.

We watched in awe as Max McCauley and his North Kawartha firefighters unflinchingly put themselves in harms way.

Their skill, their precision and the utterly flawless execution of the job at hand, we’ll not forget.

From our friends, our neighbours and the folks of Apsley and Coe Hill, the love and support we have received has warmed us through those dark hours. Our emotions are bruised but we are alive and well and we will be forever grateful.

As the rebuilding of a part of our lives begins, we stop to consider just how extraordinarily fortunate we are. People are the bricks and mortar of a community and we are amongst the finest anywhere!

God bless and Merry Christmas

Linda and David Forbes

2185 County Rd. 620


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